The Everts' generation: the kingdom is in good hands

The blood will tell. That’s how the saying goes. The Everts made generations dream by revving the engine on the world championship circuits… and it isn’t over yet.

It isn’t easy to be sixteen and pursue your dreams when somebody reigned over them before you. Liam Everts is the third in a lineage of great champions. His grandfather Harry was a four-time Motocross world champion and twice gold medallist at the Motocross of Nations between 1975 and 1981. His father Stefan won ten motocross world championships, closing his career in 2006 at Matterley Basin. For five years he was Belgian Sportsman of the year, only surpassed by Eddy Merckx.


Prestigious and important records and awards to be confronted with. But the young Everts, who grew up toddling around the paddocks while his father was racing, does not feel to be a predestined, just the right boy in the right place. Besides, he fell in love with motorcross like any other child, appealed by the engines, the acrobatics on the track, and the dust lifting off the bumps after a race. Liam Everts made his debut when he was eight years old, and it seems to have inherited his family talent. He knows that the public has great expectations of him, but now that he is sixteen he just wants to have fun and show that – no matter the dynasty he comes from – motocross is his fate. He is a KTM racing rider, starting from last season, and both his grandfather and father take care of him in completely different ways. Harry is at his grandson’s side in the weekly training, father Stefan supports him during the racing, as both are aware that their expertise can be a treasure for a new star to thrive. However, Stefan has already said that his son is smarter than he was at his age: he has the right attitude, trains professionally and always look at the bright side of things and learns from that.

The experience of two champions combined with an impassioned level headed youngster seem to be the right ingredients for the Everts throne’s succession. Time will show if the lion’s cub has the guts to become the king. Favourite boot? Sidi Crossfire 3.