ADAM RAGA AND SIDI TRIUMPH AT THE BARCELONA X-TRIAL - Sidi Trial Zero.1 boots on the Spanish rider’s feet

To win in a trial race it is essential to avoid errors. In Barcelona Adam Raga (TRRS) was perfect, to say the least. In the legendary event, which was held in front of a crowd of more than 10 thousand spectators at Palau Sant Jordi, in Barcelona, Adam Raga rode an exemplary race to achieve a fantastic win and depose the reigning king of the specialty, his fellow countryman and long-time rival Toni Bou.

The second event in the 2019 indoor X-Trial World Series offered a breath-taking show. There were obstacles of all shapes and sizes that seemed impossible to overcome; trunks of every dimension, steep stairways, a water hole full of stones…this is the battlefield that makes trial events so magical.

This was the scene in which Adam Raga and Toni Bou, who have been the two top riders in the Trial World Series for the last 15 years, delivered non-stop thrills in a head-to-head duel that lasted all the way to the end. Between two such perfect riders, the difference between the joy of victory and the agony of defeat was minimal. This time it was Adam Raga who barely got the upper hand, managing to eke out a victory in Barcelona and break his rival’s 11-year dominance.

As we were saying, at these levels in order to win, the devil is in the details. Adam Raga can count on Sidi. In fact, he wears Sidi Trial Zero.1 boots. A trial boot has to be light, comfortable, and not too bulky, so it is easier to walk in, but it also has to allow sufficient sensibility to control the pedals  on the motorbike. It is also essential that it be completely waterproof. The sole must give a sense of adherence on the motorbike’s pedals and also when the foot comes into contact with slippery rocks. Trial Zero.1 contains all of these characteristics; this is why it is used by Adam Raga and by the best trial riders in the world.

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The next date with the X-Trial will be in Bilbao on February 16.
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