MOTOCROSS: “POKER” OF WORLD TITLES FOR SIDI… - MX2 Jorge Prado, WMX Kiara Fontanesi, EMX300 Brad Anderson and EMX250 Mathys Boisrame

The great motocross circus has given Sidi and its champions another season to remember. Sidi team riders have figured as major players on all fronts. As always, they battle on the track and triumph on the podium with their Crossfire 3 Srs boots, the number one footwear with the most titles. These boots are always invincible, on any terrain and in any conditions.

Sidi scored a truly unbeatable “poker hand”. The 4 aces on team Sidi are:

Kiara Fontanesi (Yamaha), who in 2018 has won the 6th WMX title in her career. Among the women, she is the number one in the world of motocross.

Jorge Prado (Ktm) represents the new generation that is moving forward. He is the new MX2 World Champion. Not only is Prado the first Spanish rider to have won a world title in a major motocross category, he is also the first rider born after the year 2000 who has managed to pull off this feat. The future of motocross is already here!

To complete the Sidi “poker hand” we have the Brit Brad Anderson (Ktm) who won the EMX300 European title, and France’s Mathys Boisrame (Honda) who scored the EMX250 European title.     

However, let’s not forget with all this that Sidi also has a “Joker” in play. We’re talking about the all-time number one in the world; with his achievements he has already become a motocross legend…we’re talking about him, none other than nine-time World Champion Antonio Cairoli.

This has been an unlucky year for Cairoli, who suffered several setbacks. Meanwhile, Jeffrey Herlings was in remarkable form and dominated the season, justifiably winning the 2018 MXGP title. However, in spite of his misfortunes, Tony Cairoli managed to capture second place in the final world classification anyway. Cairoli’s goal in 2019 will definitely be to return to his rightful place on the highest step of the podium. The race for World title number 10 has already begun...