KIARA FONTANESI: 6 TIME WMX WORLD CHAMPION… - Another outstanding achievement for Sidi and the Queen of world motocross

It was another thrilling season finale, another victory in a final race and another legendary accomplishment. It was a feat worth a sixth career WMX title. Of course, this is all about Kiara Fontanesi, who became the undisputed Queen of world motocross in the Italian Grand Prix, in the extraordinary setting of Imola. 

As always, Sidi is right there with the number one player. Kiara Fontanesi gives battle in the dust and mud, then triumphs on the highest step of the Podium with her Sidi Crossfire 3 Srs boots.

At the tender age of 24, the Italian athlete from Parma can now celebrate her 6th World Championship title, which confirms that she is the strongest rider of all time in women’s motocross. This is a rapidly growing sport where there is plenty of competition, as proven by the relentless battles she had to face all the way to the final race in order to take home this crown.

Kiara Fontanesi has clinched the Italian GP and the 2018 World title. There was a huge celebration in the Sidi house; also because in second place here at Imola and in the overall standings for the iridescent series is Holland’s Nancy Van de Ven, who is also wearing Sidi boots; she was Fontanesi’s only worthy opponent in this exciting battle for the 2018 World title. 

The final classification for the World Series reads: Kiara Fontanesi (Yamaha) in first place with 260 points; Nancy Van de Ven (Yamaha) is second with 252 points and in third place Larissa Papenmeier (Suzuki) has 231 points. This is the same classification order that all three ladies ranked at the Italian GP in Imola.

Kiara Fontanesi won her first World title in 2012, then she was crowned the Queen of motocross in 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2017. In five out of six occasions, including this year, Kiara captured the title in the final race, showing grit, talent, determination and concentration. Sports legends are defined by these characteristics… because when the going gets tough, the tough get going!


Photos ©MaxZanzani