JORGE PRADO AND SIDI TAKE THE LEAD IN THE MX2 WORLD SERIES - The young Spanish ace wins the race at Loket and takes the “red plate” from Jonass.

The coup began with the two races in Asia. Now, a victory in the Czech Republic has caused a major shift in the overall standings for the MX2 class. On the Loket racetrack Jorge Prado (KTM) was third in race1 and first in race2, which won him the Grand Prix and gave him the points needed to earn the “red plate”, the first of his career, that identifies the leader of the World Series. Now Pauls Jonass, who only made it to fourth place at Loket, is second in the rankings with 584 points, while Prado has taken command with 595 points. However, the clash between these two is hardly over; from here to the finish there will still be plenty of  thrills and surprises in store as the battle for the MX2 World Series title continues.

This is really great news both for Prado and for Sidi; we have always believed in and supported the potential of this young Spanish motocross talent, who is vying for the World title at the tender age of 17. As a serious contender for the MX2 title, Prado can count on his Crossfire 3 Srs boots, the number one models in Sidi’s off-road collection, the boots of champions.   

Sidi is counting a lot on the young Prado; he represents the future evolution of motocross and considering the results, it looks like the future is already here. With this latest success Jorge Prado has garnered seven victories in 2018 so far, but more importantly he is demonstrating great determination, maturity and intelligent race tactics. 

Rounding out Sidi’s success in the MX2 race, American Thomas Covington (Husqvarna) held an impressive third place on the podium in Loket.

Speaking of noteworthy young talent, check out Liam Everts (KTM), the fourteen-year-old son of motocross legend Stefan Everts. Young Liam made it to third place on the podium in the European EMX85 race.

However, Tony Cairoli (KTM) also deserves a round of applause; in MXGP his on-going duel with Jeffrey Herlings has been a head to head challenge since the first race in the World Series.  This weekend Tony was second in both races 1 and 2, closing out in the second spot on the Grand Prix podium, right behind the Dutchman, who thus continues to lead the world rankings with a 30 point advantage over the Sicilian ace. Cairoli is gunning for a tenth World title. It sure seems like a difficult enterprise, but nothing is impossible for someone like him; Season after season, we’ve got used to seeing him accomplish extraordinary feats. The next round will be in Belgium on August 5th. Stay tuned!


Photos ©MaxZanzani