MOTOCROSS IN ASIA: SIDI SOARS IN MX2 - Jorge Prado wins in Semarang and catches up to Jonass at the top of the World Series’ standings

It was Mission Accomplished for Jorge Prado and Sidi, when the young Spanish ace from KTM won the MX2 Asian Grand Prix on Indonesia’s Semarang racetrack. The race was the second and last stage in the Asian leg of the motocross World Circus after last week’s race, where Prado came in third on the Pangkal Pinang racetrack, which is also in Indonesia.

This result brings Jorge Prado up to par with Latvian Pauls Jonass (KTM) and launches Sidi to the top of the general classification for the MX2 World Series. Jorge Prado goes into battle, thrills on the track and then shines on the highest spot on the podium with his Crossfire 3 Srs boots, the number one models in Sidi’s off-road collection.

Here are the highlights from the race: Prado scored the highest result. In fact, after closing out race1 in second place and hot on the heels of his rival, Pauls Jonass,  the Spaniard took full advantage of the situation when the Latvian fell in the start of race2, forging on to win that round hands down and thus capturing the Grand Prix.

Now the battle for the MX2 World title has become even more compelling and exciting, with these two champions ready to take on the last seven rounds of the iridescent series tied (for now) at 550 points each. Furthermore, another young Sidi champion, the Dane Thomas Kjer Olsen (Husqvara) is currently in a close third place in the series, with 422 points.




Photos ©MaxZanzani