SIDI HONOURS AND SALUTES JULIEN ABSALON - Almost 20 years of mutual success for Sidi and the French mountain bike champion.

A great warrior knows when the time has come to lay down his arms. Some days ago on the eve of the second race in the World Cup in Albstadt Germany, Julien Absalon has decided to call it quits at the age of 38. It certainly must have been a difficult decision for someone like him, for whom cycling was a true philosophy of life.

Absalon can definitely park his mountain bike with no regrets, since he is leaving the scene as one of the most victorious bikers of all time. Just consider his portfolio, which holds a remarkable number of wins: between 2003 and 2016 he won the World Cup 7 times, with 33 victories in World Cup races. Add to these 5 World Champion titles, 4 of which were consecutive, and two Olympic gold medals, one in Athens 2004 and the other in Beijing 2008. No less significant were his countless European and French National titles. These prestigious victories have accrued to make Absalon the best of the best.

He is no longer in the same physical shape as he used to be, due to a pollen allergy that has afflicted him more and more in the last three seasons. In these conditions it is difficult to find the proper motivation to go on, especially for someone like him, who is always used to riding at his best, giving it his all to win.

In sport as in life, even the best of stories come to an end. Sidi will be left with the gratification of having always ridden with him, and of having written some important pages in the history of world mountain biking with epic achievements that are destined to leave their mark in the legend of this sport.

“A champion like him will definitely have taken all things into consideration and made the best decision. On one hand we’re sad because Absalon is one of our most outstanding athletes, but on the other we are happy for the fantastic success we enjoyed together. The entire staff here at Sidi wish to honour and salute him. From a human standpoint as well as professionally, we have always enjoyed a great relationship. There are so many memories that make me smile…like that time when he rinsed his shoes off in a puddle so they could be seen better before crossing the finish line with his arms raised, …once he even walked into the sea after winning, so the golden shoes we had made for him to celebrate his Olympic victories would be nice and shiny…or I remember when we took him his new Sidi Tiger shoes, in Nove Mesto the day before the World Championships; he attached his cleats in two minutes flat and took off immediately on a training ride to try them out. Throughout his extraordinary career he has practically always relied on Sidi and he’s faithfully worn the models that represent all of Sidi’s major successes in the off road sector. Season after season, the innovation and technology that goes into these shoes has been constantly evolving, riding along with Julien and all the other Sidi champions on the world scene of major mountain biking,” says Rosella Signori, owner of Sidi along with her father Dino Signori.