MX LATVIA: OLSEN, PRADO, BOISRAME…SIDI’S “GREEN LINE” STRIKES AGAIN - Sidi celebrates with Tony Cairoli for the 222nd GP of his extraordinary career.

Sidi’s great team of riders stood out as major players on the Kegums racetrack in Latvia, where the World Motocross circus touched down for a stage over the week-end. 

Tony Cairoli (Ktm) celebrated Grand Prix number 222 in his incredible career. 222 also happens to be his race number and it has always been one of his distinctive symbols. To celebrate this event, his wife Jill coordinated with his team, friends and sponsors to put together a special race kit to give to Tony as a surprise. The kit also contained a pair of Sidi Crossfire 3 Srs boots with gilded buckles…

Number 222 also left his mark in the rankings: Cairoli took 2nd place in race1 and 2nd in race2 to end up in 2nd place in the final classification of the Latvian Grand Prix. In the World Series standings Cairoli is still in second place, right behind Holland’s Jeffrey Herlings, who also won in Latvia yesterday.

At Kegums the new generation of up-and-coming riders representing Sidi’s Green Line brought victory to the Sidi colours. In the MX2 class the Dane Thomas Kjer Olsen (Husqvarna) was 1st in race1 and 2nd in race2, clinching his first success of the season. In race2 victory went to the other young Sidi talent, Spain’s Jorge Prado (Ktm) who has also taken second place in the MX2 World Series standings, hot on the heels of the leader, Paul Jonass. Finally, keeping an eye on young talent, Sidi also claimed victory in the EMX 250 race, the European Motocross Championship. France’s Mathys Boisrame (Honda) won race1 and ended up in the lead of the Grand Prix rankings; he now stands at third in the general classification, just 8 points from the top.

There are so many champions, so many victories, so many hopes, but they all share one common denominator: Crossfire 3 Srs, the number one boot for off road riding, unbeatable on any terrain and in any conditions… the boot of champions. Thanks to the achievements of these young talents Sidi can confidently face the present, but also the future…


Photos ©MaxZanzani