INTERNAZIONALI D’ITALIA MX: CAIROLI & SIDI STEALTHE SHOW AGAIN IN ROUND 2 -Tony Cairoli unbeatable again at Noto, in his native Sicily

After Sardinia came Sicily. The big circus that is motocross moved from one island to another, but the results were the same. Tony Cairoli and his Sidi boots are still the ones to beat.

On the Noto racetrack (Syracuse) Tony Cairoli won the most important Superchampion round, the challenge reserved for the best 20 pilots in MX1 and MX2, respectively. With a time of 28’39’’063, Tony Cairoli (KTM) got the better of Frenchman Romain Febvre (Yamaha). Sidi also scored a nice third place with a brilliant Alessandro Lupino (Kawasaki).

The Sicilian pilot from Patti (Messina) was back on his native soil here in Sicily and, regardless of the result, he once again proved to be in top form compared to his adversaries, who will all be vying for the conquest of the title in the World Series that kicks off on March 4th. The inaugural race for the 2018 World Series will be held in Patagonia, Argentina, where Tony Cairoli will begin the hunt for his 10th World title. As always, Tony will be able to count on Sidi’s full support in his race for the trophy. He will be wearing Sidi Crossfire 3 Srs boots, the number one boots for motocross and the most victorious footwear ever, unbeatable on any terrain and in any conditions. It’s no coincidence that they are the boots that Tony Cairoli wears.

Getting back to the race, in any case Tony Cairoli also rode very fast in the MX1 heat, which was held at Noto before the Superchampion round. Romain Febvre won this race, with Cairoli having to settle for second after leading the pack for quite some time. Belgium’s Jeremy Van Horebeek (Yamaha) was third.

After the first two rounds of the Internazionali d’Italia MX (Riola Sardo and Noto), Tony Cairoli is firmly in the lead in the overall standings for both the Superchampion class, with 240 points, and in the MX1 with 220. Round 3 will be the grand finale, which is scheduled to be held in Mantua on Sunday, February 18th


Photos: ©MaxZanzani