JORGE PRADO BRINGS ALL HIS TALENT TO SIDI - Sidi Crossfire 3 for the young Spanish champion.

Some people become champions and some are born champions. Being the best requires commitment, dedication, sacrifice and lots of training. At the tender age of 17 Jorge Prado Garcia is doing everything he has to, and even more, to become a great motocross rider. However, he also has extraordinary talent going for him. He still has a long way to go, but speed, intuition and class are already a part of this kid’s DNA. And that is precisely what makes the difference between a good pilot and a champion. Jorge Prado has all the skills needed to exceed and perhaps even become a phenomenon; and Sidi is well aware of this.

Born in Lugo, Galicia in 2001, at the age of 11 Jorge Prado decided to pursue his dreams of motocross.  So his family packed up and moved from sunny Spain to Lommel, Belgium, a place renown as the University of Motocross; the same place where Tony Cairoli, the top rider from team Sidi, has lived most of the past several years.

Experts have known about this kid’s substance for years, so it’s no coincidence that last year KTM decided to add him to their official team, next to Paul Jonass. In the MX2 World series, a 16-year-old Prado impressed everyone by winning three Grand Prix races (Trentino, Belgium and Holland), making it to 7th place in the final classification for the MX2 World Series, which was won by his strong team mate Jonass.

Now in 2018 Jorge Prado has become a full member of the De Carli Racing Team and he will get the chance to work closely with Tony Cairoli. In October Jorge and his father moved to Rome to take on this new project for Claudio De Carli in association with KTM, which includes the use of official motorbikes, factory support, dedicated expert mechanics and the use of a private training track in Malagrotta, just outside of Rome.

In all of this there could only be one boot to use: the Sidi Crossfire 3, the boots of champions. In fact, in 2018 Jorge Prado will be back to wearing the same Sidi boots he used to race and win in his early days, when he racked up two EMX European Titles in 2011 (65cc) and in 2015 (125cc). However, now things are starting to get serious. The goal is to continue winning and growing, gunning for the final podium in the MX2 World Series. For a kid of 17 it would be a very important milestone, if we consider that Tony Cairoli pulled off this feat for the first time when he was 19 years old.