ARMINAS JASIKONIS AND TEAM HONDA ASSOMOTOR JOIN SIDI FOR A GREAT 2018 - The young Lithuanian motocross talent becomes a part of the Sidi team

Another young promising rider has been enrolled onto the Sidi MX team. Arminas Jasikonis was born in Lithuania in 1997. Experienced riders are touting him as a breakout rider from the 2017 season. In 2018 he will be using Sidi Crossfire 3 Srs boots.

In the 2017 season Arminas Jasikonis already showed true grit and persistent character as he stood out on several occasions in front of top MXGP riders in both qualifiers and actual races. The Lithuanian rider just turned twenty, and on the Agueda racetrack in the Portugal GP he pulled off quite the feat, first by scoring first place in the qualifier and then by closing out the race in third place, close behind two “phenomena” like  Tony Cairoli, who went on to win the World title, and Jeffrey Herlings. Besides this impressive result, there were lots of other good performances that have helped him grow and make a name for himself in the circus that is the MXGP.

In 2017 Jasikonis closed out the World Series in 13th place, with 227 points. In 2018 the Lithuanian rider will be called upon to reassert himself and grow even further. In order to do so, he can count on the support from the new team he has just joined, team Honda Assomotor, an exciting formation sponsored by Sidi.  Arminas Jasikonis will be supplied with Sidi Crossfire 3 Srs boots, the World Champion calibre boots that have become number one in motocross, unbeatable on any terrain and in any type of weather. 

In the MXGP World Series, the two riders on team Honda Assomotor will be Bulgarian Petar Petrov and, as we mentioned, the newcomer Arminas Jasikonis. Next to them two riders will be competing in the European EMX250, Frenchman Mathys Boisrame and Italian Alberto Forato. Of course, Sidi will be there with all of the riders as they aim for ever bigger and better milestones.


Attached are photos of Arminas Jasikonis’ visit to Sidi general headquarters in Maser (Treviso), during which the details were worked out for his new Sidi Crossfire 3 Srs boots, which he will use in the 2018 MXGP World Series.