THE QUEEN IS BACK…FIFTH WMX WORLD TITLE FOR KIARA FONTANESI - Sidi Crossfire 3 SRS boots are number one, even in women’s motocross.

It’s been one week since Antonio Cairoli captured his ninth World title in the MXGP, and now once again Sidi has made it to the top step of the podium in World motocross. This time it’s thanks to the women; indeed, to one exceptional girl in particular.  

Kiara Fontanesi (Yamaha) has won the WMX World title for the fifth time in her career. The Queen is back…after her winning hands in 2012-2013-2014-2015 and a hard fought, exciting season; Kiara has added the 2017 title to her portfolio as well. It’s an important milestone for the just-turned 23 year old, who is still eager to keep winning.

Kiara Fontanesi can count on her Sidi Crossfire 3 SRS boots, the number one models in Sidi’s off road collection which are unbeatable on any terrain and in any kind of weather.

It hasn’t been easy for her. On the Villars sous Ecot track in the French GP, the last round in the 2017 World Series, the four top ranked riders, Van De Ven, Duncan, Lancelot and Fontanesi were all just a few points apart. Everything was possible and anything could happen in the race for the title.

On Saturday, Kiara Fontanesi began her comeback towards the title by winning race 1 ahead of another Sidi champion Nancy Van De Ven, and hometown favourite Livia Lancelot. On Sunday in race 2, the deciding race in the championship, four riders were still seriously contending for the title. The race set off under the rain, with a muddy surface on which staying upright was more difficult than going fast. New Zealand’s Duncan took off in the lead, followed by France’s Livia Lancelot. On the very first lap Kiara got bogged down, slipping into sixth place. It looked like the end of the iridescent dream for her, with Holland’s Nancy Van De Ven remaining in third place and headed towards winning the title.

However, the last lap had a surprise in store. Nancy Van De Ven got stuck in the mud on the last climb, and couldn’t keep going. Meanwhile, Kiara Fontanesi had made it back up into fourth place and she passed the Dutch woman to take the third place that would allow her to win the French GP and the World title by just one point. The final classification read Kiara Fontanesi first with 233 points, Livia Lancelot second with 232 and Courtney Duncan and Nancy Van De Ven third and fourth with 231. Then the celebrations broke out. For Kiara Fontanesi and Sidi this is another prestigious achievement that they built and accomplished together.


Photos ©MaxZanzani