MOTOCROSS: IN INDONESIA SIDI IS STRONGER THAN THE RAIN AND MUD - In MX2 Seewer scores the first victory in his career. In MXGP Cairoli maintains his leadership in the World Series:

In Indonesia, during the second stage of the motocross World Series, the real stars of the show were the mud and the rain. The races were impacted by the terrible weather conditions that rendered the track impossibly treacherous. 

However, once again Sidi came out of the event with its head held high. In the MXGP, only race1 was held. Sidi took second place with Dutchman Glenn Coldenhoff (KTM) and Tony Cairoli (KTM) managed to limit damages by closing out in fourth place. The good news is that after two stages Cairoli is holding on to the red table as leader of the World Series.

Sidi’s finest hour arrived in the MX2 event. Here race1 was held in its entirety, while race2 was interrupted after 21 minutes and the day’s victory went to Switzerland’s Jeremy Seewer (Suzuki), ahead of Holland’s Pootjes and the Belgian Lieber. Seewer will not soon forget the Indonesian mud, because after the many podiums captured in 2016 this was the first MX2 victory in his career.

Sidi was also a major player in the WMX, which held its world debut in Indonesia. Among the women, Kiara Fontanesi (Yamaha) had a lacklustre race1 after being bogged down in the mud, but she made a great comeback in race2 with an excellent second place. Too bad for Nancy Van De Ven (Yamaha), who won race1 and seemed destined for final victory in the first Grand Prix race of the season; however in race2 the Dutch lady was disqualified for having received assistance to get out of the mud she got trapped in.  

Photos ©MaxZanzani