RIDE YOUR MOTORCYCLE ANYTIME, ANYWHERE, EVEN WHEN IT’S COLD AND RAINY - Discover the Gore Tex models in Sidi Sport’s Touring collection; they’re perfect for adventure with no limits

Motorcyclists want comfort and safety from their boots. Especially in lousy weather, when they find themselves on the road facing cold and perhaps even rainy conditions, it is essential to keep feet warm and dry if you want to ride a motorcycle safely.

The Sidi brand touring collection offers several models that are perfect for taking on the most difficult situations, so you can enjoy your passion for motorcycles even in winter and when weather conditions are particularly unfavourable. These models are covered in a special waterproof and breathable Gore-Tex membrane, which makes them perfect to use in any kind of weather, even when it’s cold and rainy. All Sidi boots are made with the highest quality standards, which not only guarantees comfort, but also makes them resistant and long lasting in time.

Let’s get a closer look…

ADVENTURE 2 GORE This boot deserves a place at the forefront of the Sidi collection. It cannot be considered a simple touring model; it’s so much more. Its DNA combines the best features of both on- and off- road models, which makes it very versatile, ideal in any situation and for any use. Experience adventure with no limits. This boot offers maximum comfort both during the ride and off the bike, thanks to its anatomic shape and slip-proof sole. Bold lines make this an elegant boot that is also highly performing. 

ALL ROAD GORE Light, resistant and breathable, this is another boot suited to any type of route. As its name suggests, the technical and structural aspects of this boot make it great for use on any type of terrain and in any weather. It will be a valuable travelling companion for riders who love motorcycling adventures with no limits, but who care about their safety.

ARMADA GORE One of the MUSTS in the Sidi collection, this item is much more than your everyday touring boot. The distinctive aspect of the Armada Gore is that the high-tech leg shaft can be removed to transform this model from a technical boot to a strictly touring boot, so it can adapt to various situations and specific needs of motorcycle riding. Water is not a problem: the sole is slip-proof and the Velcro seal along the entire length of the zipper closure insures exceptional waterproofing. 

ARIA GORE this is a touring boot designed and developed to meet the needs of the motorcyclist looking for a highly breathable boot that can nonetheless also handle water, whether it’s a light summer shower or more intense downpours. It’s a versatile boot, ready for any situation because when you’re on the road you need to be ready to confront any situation that may arise. 

GAVIA GORE a waterproof, breathable boot designed for touring in practically all seasons. It’s comfortable during the ride and offers a practical fit, since it’s easy to slip on with a zipper featuring an elastic insert next to the malleolus area. Its features make it suitable to all motorcycling styles, from the most discerning riders to beginners, not to mention the excellent price/quality ratio.

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