MX ITALIAN INTERNATIONALS #ROUND 2: IT’S HIM AGAIN, TONY CAIROLI !!! - The Sidi champion wins again at Malagrotta and puts on a show against the riders who will be his immediate rivals in the World Series.

To the victor go all the spoils, and in this case, once again, that man is Tony Cairoli. He has scored 4 victories in his first four competitive races of the year. It has been a truly great start to the season for the Sicilian ace. At Malagrotta (Rome), in #round2 of the Italian International Motocross Series, Cairoli captured success in both the MX1 and the Elite classes, just like he did a week ago at Riola Sardo. There were lots of stars lining up on the starting grid at the Roman track, but all of Cairoli’s adversaries had to settle for second best. More or less, these will be the same guys vying against him in the World Series (those present included Van Horebeek and Gajser; only Herlings was missing). The highest step on the podium seems to be reserved exclusively for Tony Cairoli and his inseparable Crossfire 3 Srs boots, the new top models in the 2017 Sidi off-road collection, which Tony is wearing on his quest for his 9th World Title. There is only one man in in the lead…now all that is left to close out the 2017 Internationals is #round3, which will be held at Ottobiano (PV) on February 12th. However, the name of the final victor seems to have already been written: it’s TC222, and he’s got Sidi on his side.

Photos ©MaxZanzani