FEAR THE COLD NO LONGER… - Discover the perfect Sidi products for problem-free winter riding.

Cold and foul weather conditions are the main enemies of those who, for necessity or even just for passion, never want to stop riding, not even in winter. Sidi has always been attentive to the needs of cyclists, and now they have tapped several items from their 2017 winter collection to assemble a “winter kit” of products that are perfect for facing the winter cold on the road. This complete kit includes shoes and clothing.

ZERO GORE, twins of the off-road MTB FROST GORE, are the best shoes for two-wheel diehards who will stop at nothing to ride. These two extraordinary models can take on any terrain in any weather, even in more extreme conditions with cold, rain and snow. They are lined in GoreTex, and in addition to the structure and technology that distinguish the entire line of Sidi shoes, these models also offer enviable thermal features. The upper part of the foot is protected by a practical Velcro closure and an inner foldout panel that significantly reduce the infiltration of cold air and humidity.

Shoe covers are an essential accessory for demanding cyclists who are most attentive to foot protection and shoe maintenance. For winter Sidi recommends the TUNNEL WINTER COVERSHOES, which are waterproof and wind resistant; and THERMOCOVER, which can maintain optimal foot temperatures, even when it is very cold and wet.

Another sensitive point regards hands. Warm hands are fundamental for a good grip and efficient maneuvering of the bike. DINO TRE WINTER GLOVES, produced for Sidi by Castelli, are technical gloves with an appealing design, and they are the perfect solution to this need.

As for clothing, a winter MUST is the DINO TRE JACKET, the long sleeved, rain and wind proof jacket with superior thermal features, matched with the DINO TRE BIBTIGHT the long winter suspenders that are perfect for keeping muscles warm, dry and protected, without hindering the cyclist’s movements. The garments offered in Sidi’s “winter kit”, are produced and guaranteed by Castelli. They are practical, performing, fashionable but especially warm and comfortable, indispensable qualities for winter riders.

All Sidi products and accessories, as well as their shoes, are available at the finest cycling shops. The products in the “winter kit” are just a small sample of the selection offered by Sidi. To discover all the other products and for more information visit our website by clicking on: