IN 2017 SIDI WILL BE THE OFFICIAL SPONSOR FOR THE ENDURO AND SUPERENDURO WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS - Sidi will dedicate all its passion and commitment to support great international off-road motorcycling.

Sidi is pleased to announce that we will be the official sponsor for both the FIM Enduro World Championship and the FIM Superenduro World Championship  in the 2017 seasonThe deal was signed with the organizing company for the two events, ABC Communication, in association with FIM (Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme). This important initiative underscores once again the great commitment and passion that the company from Maser (Treviso) has always had for the international off-road motorcycling sector. In 2017 Sidi is confirming its presence as a sponsor for the Enduro World Series, while the Superenduro races will be new to them next year.

FIM Enduro World Championship
The new Enduro season promises big news regarding locations as well as technical aspects of the events.  2016 was the last year for the three classes of E1, E2 and E3. Starting in 2017 there will be only two major categories; the “major league” Enduro GP (for motorcycles of 250cc or more) and the new E2 (for motorcycles up to and including 250cc), along with the unchanged Youth Cup, Enduro Junior and Enduro Women categories.
The calendar will be adding a new test. There will be nine races in the 2017 FIM Enduro World Championship between March and October, instead of the usual 8 featured over the past several years:   25-26/03 Helsinki (GP of Finland), 22-23/04 Puerto Lumbreras (Spanish GP), 27-28/05 Spoleto (Italian GP), 24-25/06 Paradfurdó (Hungarian GP), 01-02/07 Puchov (GP of Slovakia), 22-23/07 Castel Branco (Portugal GP), 23-24/09 Hawkstone Park (British GP), 7-8/10 Tucuman (Argentina GP), 21-22/10 Zschoppau (German GP).
We are continually striving to make the World Series even more spectacular and compelling. Two of the races on the schedule will present unique and very particular features. This is the case for the first GP in the 2017 season, the GP Finland, which will coincide with the legendary Paijanne, an 800 kilometre, non-stop Enduro race on the snow. It will also be the case for the British GP, the third-to-last event of the season, which will introduce a formula with the enduro sprint race on Saturday and an American style GNCC (Grand National Cross Country) race on Sunday.

FIM Superenduro World Championship
The exciting and spectacular motor sport of Superenduro will also feature enduro indoor races in packed arenas, on circuits set up with obstacles to take on and overcome, where active pilots will challenge each other like modern gladiators riding their steel horses. Superenduro is a pure extravaganza, with off-road motorcycling piercing the heart of the cities it touches and attracting increasing interest and enthusiasm from the crowds. Everything is ready; there’s little more than a month to go until the new season gets underway. There are 4 tests scheduled between 2016 and 2017: 10/12 Krakow, Tauron Arena (Poland), 07/01 Riesa, Sachsen Arena (Germany), 04/03 Bilbao Arena (Spain), 18/03 Albi, Par des Espositions (France).


Attached are photos of 2016 races.