SIDI BREAKS A NEW RECORD WITH KENAN SOFUOGLU - 0 to 400 km/h in 26” by motorcycle on the Osman Gazi Bridge.

0 to 400 km/h in 26”…it seems impossible yet the truth is that Kenan Sofuoglu has broken another incredible speed record. The Turkish rider pushed his Kawasaki Ninja H2R turbo to touch 400 km/h, recording his feat on a video which he posted on his Facebook page.

The record was broken on the Osman Gazi Bridge, a 234 metre-high suspended bridge on the Marmara Sea, in the bay of Izmit, in Turkey. In the bridge’s length of just 2682 metres, he reached a speed of 400 km/h in just 26”, using special slick tyres and special fuel to produce more power. His bodysuit was also special, so as to be as aerodynamic as possible. As with all his victories, for this extraordinary feat testing the limits of what’s possible, Sofuoglu could count on his Sidi boots; to break the record Sofuoglu used a pair of Sidi Mag-1 boots, which are light, technological aerodynamic and highly performing.

Kenan Sofuoglu is a 4- time World Champion in Supersport, and no stranger to this sort of enterprise; in the past he had already reached a speed of 391 km/h but this time he managed to push things further and make it up to 400 km/h. And he did it on a motorcycle that is practically a standard bike which anyone can purchase, even though it was well prepared, and on a normal road. This is what makes his achievement even more extraordinary.

Sidi Sport would like to underscore and remind everyone that it is strictly forbidden to attempt such a feat on the road, and we strongly discourage anyone from trying this at home!!!